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Old School Warm Up

There is a lot of talk in the industry about dynamic warm ups, dynamic range of motion (DROM) mobility and stability, functional movement, prehabilitation, rehabilitation etc etc. While I am a firm believer in all of the above, when delivered in the correct context and by an educated and experienced coach, this terminology can be very confusing for the audience as to what, when and where to apply some or all of it.

So in keeping within the theme of “Old School” I am going to reflect on a number of warm up exercises that we all remember from our early days of school that have stood the test of time but perhaps have been lost in the “new school” terminology, where some people and coaches are overthinking and trying to be too technical. All of these exercises help warm up the body, mobilise the joints, are functional by their nature, go through a range of motion and can aid in injury prevention. Most importantly they are simple and easy and can be performed by anybody without the need for equipment other than the body itself.

The following warm up covers six easy warm up exercises that you can run through in the following sequence. You should cover the entire set 2 to 3 times to ensure you are ready to train.

  • Squat (progressing to a Sumo Squat)
  • Arm Swings
  • Leg Swings and sweeps
  • Hands to toes
  • Hamstring walk
  • Hip Rotations

The entire set is covered in the video below or you can view it at


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