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Old School Training & Nutrition Series

I have been training, competing and coaching for over 30 years now and during this period I have seen so many different trends in the industry. I have witnessed numerous training methods, new techniques, exercises, testing procedures, cycles, gadgets and anything else that the industry seems to throw up on a daily basis. We are bombarded with commercial products that promise to make us stronger, leaner, fitter and more muscular with the help of a machine or a pill or both. In addition, from a nutrition perspective, every day there seems to be a new approach as to how we should be fuelling our bodies. Sometimes you can get lost in the overload and confusion of the information available.

Through all the years and various different approaches and methods, most of the basics that we learned as young kids playing with our friends, running around the roads, swinging on the bars, climbing ropes and in PE class in school are still fundamentally sound and can form the basis of our daily training and nutrition. So I think it is time to just stop and review where we are in the industry, put some common sense on it all and break it down into some simple and easy to understand approaches. I want to cut away all the confusing terminology, the myriad of differing messages and make it simple for people to understand what they need to be doing to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.  With this in mind I am writing a series of articles that simplify warming up, training and diet and nutrition. The theme for the series is “Old School Training and Nutrition”. Links to each of the articles are below. Before we start there are a few key messages that I want you all to keep in mind throughout the series:

1.    You are a lot more educated than you think– The exercises and nutrition subjects that are mentioned you most likely will have covered in one shape or form while you were younger. It may be called something a lot more technical nowadays so you think you can’t do it but of course you can!  Hopefully, these articles will re-educate you and get you back to using the basics on a daily basis

2.    All of these articles are designed for the average person. You don’t have to be a power lifter, bodybuilder, sprinter or olympic champion. If you follow the instructions and approaches you can apply simple, basic principles that will lead you to a healthier and stronger lifestyle without any complication or confusion

3.    These articles are about common sense. Apply it to the rest of your life too. It will uncomplicate things and make life easier and less stressful.

Enjoy the articles. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or feedback. I am always learning so your input is very important to me. You can email at

Thanks Paul

Paul Hall
Strength and Conditioning Coach for  St. Brigids GAA & Personal Trainer

Article 1 – Old School Warm Up