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Shane Supple, St. Brigid’s GAA

Interview: Shane Supple
Team: St. Brigids
Position: Goalkeeper

Shane Supple is a former professional soccer goalkeeper with Ipswich Town in England, now playing for St. Brigid’s GAA team in Dublin. Shane was part of the FA Youth-Cup winning Ipswich team in 2004-05. He made his debut for Ipswich at the age of 17 in 2005 in which he kept a clean sheet and went on to make 34 appearances for them.

In 2009 Ipswich agreed to cancel Shane’s contract as he wished to pursue a career outside professional soccer, which benefited St. Brigid’s GAA team who he joined shortly after. Shane has excelled at St. Brigid’s and has received great praise since joining. Shane helped St.Brigid’s in winning the Dublin Senior Football Championship in 2011 and has great expectations for the 2012 season.
How long have you been playing GAA?
3 years
Was it hard to make the transition from being a professional soccer goalkeeper to being a Gaelic football goalkeeper?
It was difficult in the beginning as I had to put on sessions for myself and teach the other keepers all the methods I had picked up over the years but after a few months it got better as we got into a routine
Have you always been able to play both sports?
I played both soccer and Gaelic right up until I left for England at 15
Are different skills, approaches needed for both soccer and Gaelic football?
Yes there is a huge difference between the two. In Gaelic you wouldn’t be as busy but I try to bring a bit more to the position in Gaelic as I feel keepers can do a lot more then they themselves and the coaches expect of them
How do the sports differ?
Apart from one being amateur and one professional, the two sports differ in a number of areas. Being a GAA player you don’t have the same time to look after your body as a pro, with having to work as well as play and train week in week out also you don’t have the same medical attention when needed i.e. physio.
What does your usual week playing for St. Brigid’s consist of?
I work 8.30-5.00 Monday to Friday and train or play on a Saturday/Sunday.
I do different types of training each day and reasons for them
Monday: Pilates and swim after work
Tuesday: Train with Brigids for 1hr 15mins on the pitch
Wednesday: Pilates and weights
Thursday: Train with Brigids for 1hr 15mins on the pitch
Friday: weights
Saturday: Match
Sunday: Off
In relation to my diet I try to eat the right foods as much as possible.
Porridge for breakfast, soup and a brown bread sandwich for lunch, protein shake before training and two slices of brown toast, dinner after training – spaghetti bolognese, rice and chicken, steak and vegetables.
After the highs of 2011 what are your expectations for this coming season with St Brigids?
Retain County title and win club All-Ireland.
Why would you recommend being a footballer?
The reason I Play football is because I love the game and playing Gaelic football with your club is a special thing and I would recommend it to anyone.