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Ger O’Brien, St. Pat’s Captain

Name: Ger O’Brien
Position: Captain, St. Patricks Athletics FC

How long have you been playing Football? Did you always want a career in football?
I’ve been playing football since the age of 4. My father signed me up for an academy on Sunday mornings with St. Marks Celtic in Tallaght. I played for their club 6 and 7 before moving on to Cherry orchard when I was 8. I suppose it was at this stage when I realised that I wanted to try and pursue a career in football.

What does your usual week playing for St. Pat’s consist of?
We play our games on a Friday evening. On Monday our training would consist of high intensity games, a lot of passing and ball control work. Tuesday would consist of some strength work or maybe some tactical stuff working towards the game on the Friday night. Wednesday would be a day off with Thursday a low key session with some set-pieces and organisational stuff for the game. Friday would be the game, Saturday would be a cool down with some light stretching and Sunday we are off.
Diet throughout the week would be made up mainly of carbs and protein. Plenty of healthy meals to keep our energy levels high. A lot of fluids needed to make sure we are constantly hydrated.

Do you believe the standard in the Airtricity League is getting better each year?
Yes I do think this is the case and the players that have left the league to go to the UK and to other country’s to ply their trade have proven this. Better coaches have also entered the league with clubs now focusing on strength and dietary needs as well. Financially clubs are slowly getting themselves in order and the silly money handed out in the “good” times is gone and clubs can now invest further in their youth development and facilities.

What are your expectations for this coming season with St. Pat’s?
We have a very good squad at Pats this season and we are expecting that we will challenge on all domestic fronts.

Would you recommend being a footballer?
Everyone who follows football would love to be a footballer. Everyone dreams of it and thinks it’s the best job in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it for anything but it comes with it’s own pressures. Every day you must reach a certain level in order to stay in the team. If you care enough you will put an enormous amount of pressure on yourrself and with this comes all sorts of emotions. When you reach a certain level you also have to live with expectations from supporters but after all that it is so enjoyable and rewarding. I recommend it to anyone who wants to work hard and be disciplined for a very large part of their lives.